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I am a fan of Kpop and Jpop. Although first I discovered Jpop through anime “Kirarin Revolution” (starring Kusumi Koharu), which lead me to Morning Musume. So I was a fan of MoMusu since 2007.

Then I found out that MoMusu belongs to Hello Project, and that’s where I became a fan of C-ute and Berryz Koubou. And then I stumbled upon a boy band NEWS in Johnny’s Ent. So then I became a fan of Hello Project & Johnnys Ent.

Through NEWS’s Leader Yamashita Tomohisa, I watched some Japanese Dramas, and then decided to watch a Korean Drama “Full House”. After Full House I watched “My girl” and other Korean Romantic Comedy Dramas, ’cause they are really good. And THEN I watched Boys over Flowers.

I really liked OST of this Drama and found out about SS501. And thats how I became a big fan of ss501. After listening to all the songs of ss501 and watching M!Pick about them, I decided that Kpop music is REALLY good!

So…then I watched a cute MV of SNSD “Gee” and became their fan also. Through SNSD I became interested in SHINee, then SuJu, and from then on I started to like all Kpop Bands.

Oh and I also watched “You’re Beautiful” kdrama, in which I almost died of laughter and shed some tears too.

In June 2010, I learned that “Infinite” new boy band is going to debut. So I am their fan also. I watched “you’re my Oppa” they are funny 🙂

And so on, you can basically describe me as a fan of every Korean Idol, though just like everyone out there, I judged some rookies harshly, and then it turns out they are very talented.

In April 2011, was the 1 year anniversary.  So I created another website www.colorcodedlyrics.webs.com.

As you can see, this site was created to help new fans to get to know the voices of kpop bands. Though, you don’t have to be a new fan to come here.

I’m trying to post romanization|hangul|english, for all the lyrics I post, but sometimes I can’t find English translations.

And one last thing, I am not a professional in distinguishing voices, so there might be some mistakes in the color-coding especially if the song was not performed. So If you find a mistake, don’t hesitate to tell me 🙂 ok?

Hope you guys enjoy your time here and there 🙂


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Posted April 23, 2010 by bbiribbomie

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  1. cld u pls post up pics of each group w/ their names in each band?i love the pictures on the top of your website but they are always moving so i cant like see their names and stuff i also want to download those pics too and plus it wld be good to put pics of them in your blog!

    nice blog btw!:D

  2. i love the kpop & jpop song very much…especially “bigbang & GACKT…

  3. How can I contribute?? =)

  4. i love k-pop

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