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U-KISS is a 7-member boyband. They debuted with their song 어리지 않아 (Not Young) in Japan at theThe Power of Atamix 08 on August 15th, 2008. The group’s fan cafes attracted around 50,000 visitors just two days after they were established.

The group targets not only Korea, but the entire Asian music industry. The group’s members come from America, Macau and China. Collectively, the members speak four different languages – English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean.
U-Kiss is under NH Media, the same company which Yang Dong Geun and PARAN are under.

U-kiss released their first single, N-Generation, on the 3rd of September, 2008. The single includes the hit song 어리지 않아 (Not Young).

U-Kiss became more popular after they released Man man ha ni and Binguel Binguel.

In 2011, Alexander and Kibum’s contract got terminated. They were replaced by Hoon and AJ. On March 30, 2011 new U-kiss released 5th mini album “Bran New Kiss”.

Shin SooHyun

* Stage Name: SooHyun
* Birth date: March 11, 1989 (1989-03-11)
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 181cm
* Weight: 67kg
* Family: Parents, Older Sister & Younger Sister
* Talents: R&B, Dance, Piano, Soccer, Singing


Ki Seop (기섭)
* Real Name: Lee Ki/Gi Seop 이기섭
* Birth date: January 17, 1991 (1991-01-17)
* Physical:Height – 180cm / Weight – 60kg
* Family: Parents, Elder Sister
* Specialties: Tae Kwon Do, Dance, Acting, Piano
* Facts: He is the rookie member of U-KISS


Kim KyongJae
* Stage Name: Eli
* Birth date: March 13, 1991 (1991-03-13)
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 180cm
* Weight: 60kg
* Family: Parents, Older Sister, Younger Sister
* Talents: Taekwondo, Kung Fu, English, Chinese, Rap
* Facts: He lived in Washington DC so he’s very fluent in English, he moved to Beijing to study so he also can communicate in Mandarin.


Kim Jae Seop

* Stage Name: AJ
* Birth date: June 4, 1991
* Blood Type:
* Height: 183cm
* Weight: 68kg
* Family: ???
* Talents: ???
* Facts: ???


Yeo Hoon Min

* Stage Name: Hoon
* Birth date: August 16, 1991
* Blood Type:
* Height: 181cm
* Weight: 67kg
* Family: ???
* Talents: ???
* Facts: ???


Woo SungHyun
* Stage Name: Kevin
* Birth date: November 25, 1991 (1991-11-25)
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 178cm
* Weight: 50kg
* Family: Parents, Older Sister
* Talents: Poppin’ Dance, Guitar, Piano, English, Singing
* Facts: He lived in California so he’s also fluent in English. Along with KiBum, he is also a former member of Xing.


Shin DongHo
* Stage Name: DongHo
* Birth date: June 29, 1994 (1994-06-29)
* Blood Type: B
* Height: 175cm
* Weight: 65kg
* Family: Parents, Older Brother
* Talents: Golf, Drums, Chinese, Soccer
* Facts: He studied in Beijing so he could communicate in Mandarin. He is the Magnae (youngest) of the group. For his age, he has a very deep voice.

Former Members:

Alexander Lee Eusebio

* Stage Name: Alexander / Xander
* Birth date: July 29, 1988 (1988-07-29)
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 181cm
* Weight: 63kg
* Family: Parents, Older Sister
* Talents: English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Rap
* Facts: He can speak 7 different languages

Kim KiBum

* Stage Name: KiBum
* Birth date: December 29, 1990 (1990-12-29)
* Blood Type: O
* Height: 180cm
* Weight: 53kg
* Family: Parents, Older Brother
* Talents: Composing Music, Poppin’ Dance, Japanese, Piano, Singing
* Facts: He is the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun, he’s a former member of Xing.

Credit: http://www.last.fm/music/U-KISS/+wiki


01 Intro (On Fire)
02 니가 좋아 (I Like You)
03 Talk To Me
04 니가 좋아 (Inst.)

01 Intro
02 만만하니 (ManManHani)
03 OK!
04 만만하니 (Inst.)

01 Intro
02 빙글빙글 (Bingeul Bingeul)
03 Without You
04 뭐라고 (What)
05 Bang Bang Bang
06 Dancing Floor
07 만만하니 (Manmanhani)
08 O.K! (Remix)
09 니가 좋아 (I Like You)
10 Talk To Me
11 어리지 않아 (Remix)
12 Give It To Me
13 빙글빙글 (Inst.)
14 뭐라고 (Inst.)

01 Before Yesterday (Intro)
02 시끄러!! (Shut Up!!)
03 Light It Up
04 Rock Ya’ Body
05 Avater
06 시끄러!! (Inst.)
07 Light It Up (Inst.)

01 It’s Time (Intro)
02 0330
03 내게 아픈 말은… (The Words That Hurt Me…)
04 Every Day
05 I Don’t Understand
06 Miracle

01 Intro
02 Neverland
03 Baby Don’t Cry
04 Someday
05 Take Me Away
06 On The Floor
07 친구의 사랑 (Love of a Friend)
08 4월 이야기 (Story of April)
09 Obsession
10 Top That
11 Tell Me Y
12 다시 만나요 (We’ll Meet Again)
13 Someday (Inst.)

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  1. woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

  2. thanks for the colored lyrics. wandered who the one was that said “You’re so tight” in Give it to me. ahahha I knew it was Eli ahhaha thanks

  3. would you update U-kiss’s profiles? and 0330 cc pls ^^

  4. wow!! i fanally know what information the ukiss hadthnx4 who make this page♥

  5. woww.. they’re all so lovable and very cuuutttee !!! 🙂

  6. ya it a very nice group …………… n also shen dongho is so cute………………

  7. Hi,thankU…….I’m a big fan of U-kiss from Iran…..U-kiss means lovable guys…LOL~and Kevin is really Nice<3……………Ur site is really good…I can find everything that I need without wasting my time….

  8. i love shin soohyun

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